The Primary Habit

Scripture Reading — 1 Thessalonians 5:12-22

Pray continually …
—1 Thessalonians 5:17 — 

Throughout history, Christians have developed practices that help them grow in their walk with God. These have often been called “spiritual disciplines.” A general list of spiritual disciplines would include worship, prayer, tithing, meditation, fasting, study, memorization, and confession. The list of potential disciplines could grow to a point where we might feel we could never do enough.

The purpose of developing spiritual disciplines is not to add accomplishments to our spiritual resumes. If we believe that we somehow might earn credit in God’s eyes by mastering a list of spiritual disciplines, we misunderstand how these practices are beneficial. They are not ends in themselves but simply a means to help us grow nearer to God.

In our text for today, the Bible calls us to “pray continually.” This statement teaches us that prayer is the primary habit that we seek to develop in order to grow nearer to God.

Some of the people I admire for their spiritual maturity have never fasted. Some are not good at memorizing Scripture passages. Yet every person I think of as a mentor in my walk with God has developed the practice of seeking God in prayer. Spiritual disciplines make us aware of God’s presence, and there is probably no clearer way to acknowledge his presence than to approach God in prayer.


Holy Spirit, please help me to know the wonder of dwelling in your presence through a life of prayer. Amen.


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