August 27, 2011

The Wrong Kind of King

Zechariah 9:9-13

See, your king comes to you … lowly and riding on a donkey.
Zechariah 9:9


Political campaigns seem unending. Would-be candidates tour their areas, appear on talk shows, and make their opinions known. We hear of promises to fix the economy, to bring world peace, and to cure society’s ills. During a time of economic trouble or global conflict, these promises inspire hope—even if they are unrealistic.

The people of Judah were living in a time of uncertainty and fear. Their enemies were a terrifying threat. The economy was in shambles. Worst of all, Judah had fallen away from God; they were in spiritual decay. The future looked bleak.

But suddenly the prophet Zechariah proclaimed good news. God would send a king to rule his people, to restore their land, and to destroy their enemies. Peace and prosperity would return!

Hundreds of years later, that King made his royal entrance into Jerusalem. He did not ride in a chariot or on a warhorse, as one might expect. He rode a donkey.

Jesus entered this world as a king, but he did not rule by making political treaties or by military conquest. Jesus came to bring us peace by destroying Satan’s kingdom and releasing us from the grip of sin.

Jesus has come to rule our lives as our eternal King! Are you submitting your life to his reign?

Lord, we confess that it’s easier for us to seek our own ambitions in life. Help us to submit our life to King Jesus, and to seek his rule in all parts of our life. Amen.

About the author — Rob Toornstra

Rob Toornstra has served as pastor of Sunnyslope Christian Reformed Church in Salem, Oregon, since 2006. When not busy with pastoral duties, he enjoys spending time with his wife, Amy, and their three children.

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