December 7, 2005


Scripture Reading — Psalm 42

My soul thirsts for God, for the living God. Psalm 42:2 — 

My soul thirsts. No other creatures besides human beings know this kind of thirst. The cow, chewing its cud in knee-high grass, is utterly content. Yet we thirst for God even in the midst of plenty. In his autobiography, journalist Malcolm Muggeridge writes that throughout his life he had the notion of being engaged in a quest, seeking some ultimate fulfillment. As a young man he wrote in some hastily scribbled notes, "Is this God? Some say we thirst for God even though we might not be aware of it. A poet writes, Where the sun shines in the street There are very many feet Seeking God, all unaware That their hastening is a prayer. We want God, but not in some vague sense, especially when life is under attack. We long to know God as a young sailor did in World War II when he wrote to his anxious mother, "Remember ... even if I should be swallowed up in these deep waters, all the oceans in the world are but a tiny pool in our Father's hand." The psalmist longs to meet with God in worship, relieving the thirst of his soul in God's presence. In our lives as Christians today we long to see Jesus, the living water that quenches our thirst (John 4:14; 7:37-39).


Merciful God, lead us to quench our thirst in you, to find relief for our souls in the work of your Son, who came to give us new life and power to serve you always. In Jesus, Amen.


Devotion topics: Christianity, Discipleship