March 01, 2009


Romans 10:9-15

How can they believe … ? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them?
Romans 10:14


“How can we learn without a teacher?” asks Paul. Transformation doesn’t happen without input. We need information that comes from God.

I remember a Peanuts comic strip that showed students reporting on what it was like to return to school after summer vacation. Lucy wrote, “Vacations are nice, but I love returning to school. There is nothing more satisfying than education, and I look forward to a year of expanding knowledge.” This impressed the teacher. Then Lucy leaned over to Charlie Brown and whispered, “After a while, you learn what sells.”

Our age has been called the information age. Knowledge is doubling every ten years. To grow, we need to be lifelong learners.

But often we only pretend to be interested in expanding our knowledge. People are reading less than ever. We rush through life without meditation and reflection. We keep God’s Word on the shelf.

Knowledge alone is never enough, however. Knowledge on fire is what moves us in a certain direction. God’s Word is filled with red-hot transforming truth. When we are educated in the school of Christ, the right information gets inside us and prompts us to actions that make a real difference in the world. That’s the transforming power of God’s Word.

Almighty God, teach me your ways. Jesus Christ, give me insights into your everlasting truths. Holy Spirit, enliven and apply the Word of God to my heart. Amen.

About the author — Dean Deppe

Dean Deppe has been a pastor in inner-city, suburban, and rural ­churches. Currently he teaches New Testament theology at Calvin Theological Seminary. His courses include one on the parables of Jesus. He and his wife have four grown children.

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