April 21, 2006

Who Are Jesus' Brothers and Sisters? (5)

Luke 10:25-37

Jesus told him, "Go and do likewise." Luke 10:37


Today let's look at the question Who are Jesus' brothers and sisters? from what I call the experiential perspective. When I was visiting a prison, a Crossroad Bible Institute student, "Rudy," stuck out his hand to shake mine. He didn't let go for a while! He just looked straight into my eyes and said, "Man, you have no idea what those lessons and letters mean to us in here!" At that moment, I knew I was standing on holy ground and that these inmates were the brothers of Jesus.

I sense the same thing every time I visit prisoners and as I read the steady stream of correspondence I receive from prisoners.

Who are Jesus' brothers and sisters? If you want to know, just get busy helping the hurting!

Some people find this approach too subjective, saying it's prone to personal interpretation based on feelings rather than facts. But maybe one way to explain it is to compare it with our belief in the Bible's teaching. We believe the Bible is infallible because that's what the Bible teaches us about itself. We also speak of the "testimony of the Holy Spirit" as the thing that convinces us in our hearts that the Bible is true. In a similar way, when we do what Jesus asks and help people in need, we know, deep down, by the power of the Spirit, that these are the brothers and sisters we are called to help.

Thank you, Holy Spirit, for confirming in our hearts what you teach us in your Word--that all hurting people are the brothers and sisters of Jesus. In his name, Amen.

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