Faith in Action

Scripture Reading — Mark 2:1-5

Jesus saw their faith …
Mark 2:5 — 

Jesus and his disciples often saw things differently.

On one occasion, when the disciples were eager to get away from the crowds that followed them everywhere, Jesus saw the people looking for him, and out of compassion for them he began to teach. On another occasion, when people were bringing children to Jesus, the disciples saw it as interference and pushed the children away. But Jesus saw in children the essential qualities of faith in the kingdom of God, and he said to them, “Come!” (See Mark 6:34; 10:13-16.)

In our reading for today we learn about four men whose friend was paralyzed. They wanted to bring their friend to Jesus for healing. But the house where Jesus was teaching was so crowded that they could not get in. So they climbed to the top of the house, made a big hole in the roof, and lowered their friend to Jesus.

We don’t know what the home owner thought when he saw the gaping hole in his house, but we do know what Jesus thought of the friends’ bold efforts. “Jesus saw their faith,” says Mark.

Their faith was evident when they brought their friend to Jesus. He saw their faith by their actions.

Does Jesus see our faith by our actions?

Does he see the kind of faith that moves us to overcome obstacles to bring others into contact with him?


Lord, give us faith that shows itself clearly by our actions. Help us to see people the way you do. And guide us to take action to bring others to you. In your name, Amen.


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