5 Christmas Eve Devotionals

By Eleanor Lamsma

When I was a child, I recited a poem at a Sunday School Christmas program with the title, “Ready for Christmas?” I still remember the turquoise dress I wore with white polka dots all over it. I also remember being very nervous—I was the only one on stage at the time.

I still remember a few of the words from that poem I learned so long ago. But what I remember most clearly is the poem’s message. The poem opened with  an exhausted mother as she finished wrapping the last gift. She sat down to rest, and soon fell asleep. As she slept, she had a dream that pointed out the fact that the true meaning of Christmas is not the beautifully decorated tree with presents piled high. It’s the fact that a baby was born in a stable in Bethlehem to redeem the world. That baby was Jesus, and we are called to show his love to those around us...

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Devotions for Christmas Morning

By Christopher Hunt

For a middle-aged man, I possess an excellent long term memory. I might not remember where I put my keys this morning, but I can recall with vivid clarity Christmas Eve, when I was just three years old, tearing the wrapping paper off a box that was bigger than me to reveal the Fisher Price “Little People” Airport. To this day I remember that magical moment down to the smells and feels. I also remember knowing, even at that tender age (and as one who had already wholly subscribed to the tradition of gift receiving) that Christmas was really about the birth of Jesus...

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Devotions for Christmas

By Eleanor Lamsma

When my children were young, they spent a lot of time poring over the Sears or JC Penney Christmas catalogues, circling exactly what they wanted for Christmas. They made sure to show us, their parents, what they had circled, so we would get them just the right thing.

But we know Christmas is so much more than that. Christmas is about the most perfect Gift, the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ...

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6 Christmas Devotions for Women

By Robin Basselin

The Christmas season is filled with white lights, glad tidings, joyful music, and—oh, let’s be real; the season is filled with plain old busyness! As December 25th approaches, we fall prey to that seasonal bug of busyness. With all the decorating, shopping, sorting, baking, wrapping, and attending Christmas performances and activities—our schedules are never more full.

But in the midst of it all, we know that our frantic preparations are for something far greater than to simply make our holiday celebrations “picture perfect.” When we allow ourselves to pause for just a second, we remember that the Christmas season is about preparing our hearts to celebrate, once again, the wonderful and miraculous coming of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ...

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Devotions for a Blue Christmas

By Christopher Hunt

For most people, Christmas is a time for family and friends, giving and receiving, and peace and togetherness. But, for many others the “most wonderful time of the year” can be the most difficult time of the year, especially in the looming shadow of death, divorce, health problems, financial uncertainty, or troubles of any kind. This struggle of the “blue Christmas” for many people is real, but so is God's offer of hope...

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